Training puppies under 16 weeks

Until now, many people just know about giving them love but they don’t know how to train them and what to teach.



In study, it is the most sensitive and important moment for puppies between 3 weeks and 13 weeks.

However, there is difference with a few weeks not months on specific period.

So, why is it important to train them on the moment?

Training puppies under 16 weeks

This period is called “socialization period.”

On socialization period, puppies absorb everything happen around them.

A rolling ball, the sound of ring, a tall person, a car, a trunk, the smell of soil, a person wearing a cap and etc, on the socialization period.

Training puppies under 16 weeks

They accept everything positively.

They are happy even they fall down.

If there is a tall person wearing a cap, they are not afraid of him.

They are excited to hearing a doorbell, seeing a person coming in.

On this period, we have a duty to teach and make them practice that they experience lots of situations and feel comfortable this world.

Training puppies under 16 weeks

This is called socialization training or puppy training.

It is not hard to train them.

Just, we can make some situations that can happen in our normal life to make them accept more easily in the future.

Training puppies under 16 weeks

There are four parts of socialization.

Socialization of environment, Socialization of objects, Socialization of human, Socialization of animals.

Like this, we make some situations then make them go through these.

Then, when do we have to teach them manners?

(Sit, lay down, wait~).

Don’t worry.

Through socialization training, you can teach these manners, too.

Training puppies under 16 weeks

They have to learn the manners in daily life.

There is no need a strict trainer or loud voice to train them.

Many pet owners think they need to train them when their pets have problems.

But, prevention is the best way to fix every problem.

Training puppies under 16 weeks

We hope that you can be a great owner gives your pet chances to be happy.

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