Cancel order

Consumer should contact to us firstly and cancel order and return is available only in case of it is approved.
Before we send product, you can cancel the order.
However, it is impossible after we send product already.


Consumer can request exchange and return within 7 days from the day when you got the product.
Consumer should store everything including box or package material like plastic bag.
When you request you should let us know the product name and send picture showing flaw condition.
Consumer should send product including tracking number surely when you return and also consumer should let us know the tracking number.
When you return all items which seller sent should be included without missing.

In case of return is available

In case of consumer get product which is not a product you order.
In case of there is flaw in product.

If you request return for these kinds of reason, seller pay all incurred expense in the course of return.
(** Consumer should send picture of receipt to us to know the price consumer paid in the course of return.)

After we get the returned product, we refund all price about product and make a deposit return fee to consumer.
(** If product consumer sent is missing or part of product is missing, refund is not impossible.)

In case of return for simple change of heart of consumer, consumer should pay round trip delivery fee even though product was sent for free.
(** Delivery fee about seller sent product to consumer + Incurred expense of when consumer return product)
So, Price except for round trip delivery fee in product price will be refunded.

Cases of we don’t accept return

In case of there is no value of commodities for serious damage in product.
In case of consumer request return after 7 days from the day you got a product.
With these kinds of matter, return is not available. So please keep that in mind.

In the case of seller’s responsibility, we promise a full refund.

Don’t worry, shopping with happy and safety.