Do puppies have to wear clothes? 

It is a common question in autumn and winter.



My answer is that depends on their species.


If the puppy has lots of fur to keep its body warm, then you don’t have to put it on something like Welch Corgi, Spitz, Malamute and Bernese mountain dog.

They have doubled hair and come from cold countries.

They must be excited that the hot weather is almost gone and the cold weather is coming.

Don’t make them wear something and let them enjoy this weather.

In other hand, there are some dogs which have so short hair so that they can’t keep their body warm such as Miniature pinscher, Bulldog, Pug, Maltese, Chihuahua and Dobermann.

Specially, Chihuahuas come from Mexico so they can’t stand the cold weather well.

If your puppy can’t stand the cold weather, you can make them wear something. But, first, you need to consider these two things.


Do not make other puppies confused

Do not make other puppies confused.


Our pet dogs communicate with their bodies.

There are many cases to disturb their communications because of what they wear.

Actually, there is higher possibility that a dog wearing something would be attacked by others which don’t wear anything when they are playing together in the park.

You have to choose clothing not to bother their body gestures and not to make other dogs misunderstand your dog even if you want to keep their bodies warm with clothing.


Do not make other puppies confused.

Clothing should not break the belief between the owner and dogs.


There are some clothes which make dogs raise their front feet, tight their all legs, have high-necked like turtleneck.

These are typical clothes which break belief between the owners and the pet-dogs.

Plus, I don’t recommend you to make them wear clothing that you have to handle them roughly.

“Normally, my puppy is so sweet, but when I try to put it on something, he grows!”

Then, we need to ask ourselves that it is necessary or how gentle we were when we make them wear something.


Do puppies have to wear clothes?


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